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The Youth Panel's vision for 2040

Small Great Nation's Youth Panel consists of 42 bright young minds from all over the country with diverse backgrounds and profiles - but with one thing in common: they are passionate about Denmark's future. Therefore, they have spent half a year preparing a vision for the society they want Denmark to be in 2040.
The idea behind the Youth Panel

Small Great Nation’s Youth Panel was established in January 2020 following an idea that emerged from
Small Great Nation’s Advisory Board. During the first two years of the Small Great Nation initiative,
we gathered perspectives on Denmark's future from economists, politicians and top executives. But
what do young people think? It is their future that we discuss and it is the young people who must
realise Denmark's future. Hence, we decided to establish the Youth Panel – a panel with the purpose
of thinking innovatively and visionary without the usual limitations - both real and illusionary - that
decision-makers are usually subject to. We, therefore, asked the Youth Panel to formulate a vision for
Denmark's future - a vision for the Denmark they want in 2040.

Read more - in Danish - about the Youth Panel here.

Download the Youth Panel's vision here

- or the Danish version here