From hype to hope – how can AI generate a richer Denmark?

Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many companies already use AI, and Danes’ mobile phones, for instance, are already today filled with AI. After the generative AI ChatGPT became available to the public in November 2022, many people have really come to realise that AI may have far-reaching consequences for society as well as for the economy. However, what is the scale of the potential, and how radical will the changes be? How is AI used at Danish workplaces today? And how will technologies evolve going forward? These are some of the questions we give an answer to in this report.

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This report sheds light on the gains and risks arising from the rapid technological development of AI as well as other types of automating technologies. AI has the potential to both positively and negatively affect society in general as well as specific sectors and individual population groups. The report sheds light on this and on what issues of ethical and social concern will arise because technological developments and how Denmark can prepare for a future where AI will play a key role.

Media’s and Danes’ interest in AI exploded in the autumn of 2022 when so-called generative AI (GenAI) had a highly publicised breakthrough with the chatbot ChatGPT. However, AI has been on the technological and political agenda for many years, and different types of AI are already widely used in many different areas of society

Report themes:

• What is AI?
• Future potential by using AI
• Danes and experts are concerned about AI
• How well prepared is Denmark for AI?