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The EU membership - a good deal for Denmark?

This new report investigates the EU collaboration - seen from a Danish and global perspective. What is Denmark's outcome of the membership? What are the consequences of Brexit? And can the EU become a global player that provides solutions to challenges that the whole world is facing? Dive into these topics, and many more, in the report.

Published 28 April 2021

Since Denmark joined the European Union in 1973, the membership has been discussed. The
union has been broadened, and more countries have joined. But by the new year, Great Britain finally left the union after a tumultuous process. The refugee crisis, the corona crisis and the pending green transition have challenged the EU's ability to create unity when it really matters. And the democratic development in some member states is worrying. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate the purpose of the union.

A key objective of the EU is to ensure economic prosperity. Our report suggests that this
has been successful, and a survey shows that Danes are increasingly positive towards the EU. But
Denmark has also ceded sovereignty, and it is relevant to ask whether the cooperation should be
slightly increased or reduced.

Does the EU raise the bar on democracy and climate?
The EU is also about peace and basic democratic values. Membership applicants are showing progress when it comes to democracy and the quality of institutions. But our analysis also shows that when they are in, the progress may well reverse.

What does the future of the EU look like? Especially when it comes to the current pressing questions related to climate, competition and digitalisation?

Dive deeper into these topics by downloading the executive summary of our brand-new report below. You can also download the full report in Danish here.

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