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The high-hanging fruits

Since the mid-00s, a number of reforms have been implemented in Denmark, which have increased prosperity and improved public finances. We call them the “low-hanging fruits”. In the future, we need to harvest the “high-hanging fruit” in order to increase prosperity and welfare for the benefit of the Danes. But what does it take for us to reach them?

This third report from Kraka and Deloitte presents brand new research on the future labour market as we examine themes such as education, foreign labour and those on the edge of the labour market.

In the report we focus on the high-hanging fruits, i.e. reforms and initiatives that can increase overall prosperity and welfare in Denmark. Although the winnings may require more effort, it is worthwhile to reach for the high-hanging fruits. The report shows that further reforms might be necessary to ensure the sustainability of the Danish economy in the future.

Download the report below and gain insight into the Danish labour market, the challenges we face and a number of discussion points, which are relevant to address in order to ensure a well-functioning and future-proof labour market.

The report covers the following topics:

• The Danish labour market in 2040
• Education throughout life
• The edge of the labour market
• The Danish economy and foreign labour
• Immigrants in the Danish labour market


Download the report here