Social cohesion in Denmark

To realize the potential found in Small Great Nation’s Report 1 about Denmark's challenges and opportunities, it is important to look at the social coherence across the country. It is essential to ensure that people and businesses have the best possible conditions to operate in.

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The report presents new research about the state of the nation, where we explore topics such as the changing media landscape and fake news, the distribution of wealth, immigration and the primary school's effect on our childrens' future. 

You can read about the different aspects that affect social coherence in the report, which covers the following themes:

• Social cohesion, globalization and the affected
• Parallel Society?  The population is becoming more polarized
• The primary school and classmates' effect on our children’s future
• The pros and cons of globalization
• Media landscape and fake news
• Future of education and competences.


Download the report here