Episode 16

Udgivet 17/09/2019

Is Brexit a symptom of a populist virus feeding on fake news?

Podcast with Alastair Campbell, writer, strategist and former adviser for Tony Blair

Alastair Campbell, former communications adviser for Tony Blair, warns that seeds of fascism are being sown in Europe. There is a sense of injustice due to increasing polarization and inequality in society that leads to riot and disillusionments with politicians. This creates an ideal condition for the populist virus to flourish via fake news amplifying on social media.

In this episode we will discuss the road to Brexit and put it into a Danish perspective. Why did it happen? What happens next? And could it happen to us?

Host: Peter Mogensen, CEO of the Danish think tank, Kraka.
Guests: Alastair Campbell, writer, strategist and former head of communications for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Anders Dons, Nordic CEO of Deloitte.