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Life with corona - new opportunities for the climate and the economy?

This new report dives into life with coronavirus, and what challenges and opportunities this holds for the climate and the economy. Have Danish companies discovered the potential of remote working? Will the pandemic speed up digitalisation? And can the Danish society reduce the spread of other diseases by changing social conventions? These are some of the topics investigated in this report.

When the coronavirus hit in spring 2020, it soon became clear that the economic implications would be severe. Meanwhile, people have regrettably fallen ill and died from the virus in Denmark, but compared to other countries, the health consequences have been limited.

Although the economic costs have been huge, many things are already now indicating that the Danish economy is recovering, but the uncertainties are unprecedented. Even if the coronavirus is kept down nationally and globally, the Danish economy has obviously gone from a small boom to a major, yet hopefully short, economic downturn.

On top of that, this autumn our national politicians are negotiating a climate action plan including a green tax reform to ensure the realisation of Denmark’s ambitious climate targets. These targets have been overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis, but they will be key to the Danish economy long after the crisis has been successfully contained. Short-term fiscal policy and long-term green transition do match.

Dive deeper into how Denmark is dealing with coronavirus and the green transition by downloading the executive summary of our brand-new report below. You can also download the full report in Danish here. Happy reading!

Download the report here